Our Competitive Edge

Our Team

It is the team behind any business which sets it apart from the businesses competition. From our production team, to our graphics and admin team to our management team, we have great depth of knowledge, more than 27 years in the business, and a constructive, supportive & encouraging culture. We enjoy what we do and collectively take pride in the finished product we produce.


As previously stated, any seasoned business person knows that it is the team by far which is the main feature that sets an organization apart from others. A significant feature of 24 Hour Uniforms which gives us an added edge over the competition is that we give our great team a well thought out, fully resourced flexible production plant dedicated to processing your orders.

Inhouse Production

Unlike most of our competition, almost 100% of our custom workwear production processes are conducted in house on our own embroidery, screen printing & heat transfer equipment. Having complete control over our production gives us a huge amount of flexibility to plan production efficiently and not be reliant on outsourced processes. That is why we are the only organization who can offer a 24 hour guarantee on embroidered or screen printed Workwear or the entire order is absolutely free.* 

Cost Management

We operate our custom uniform business out of modest warehouse/factory in an industrial area of Marrickville, Sydney. Your custom uniform or workwear order from us will not have expensive main road retail rent costs costed in. Nor will it have extra margin costed in for outsourcing costs and management. Our business model is a vertical model and we can pass on real value to you through genuine wholesale pricing.