How to save costs on a Custom Embroidered or Screen Printed Uniform Order.


Embroidery Quantity
The best way to save money with embroidery is to embroider your logo over a mixed range of uniforms, workwear & safety wear garments. If over a season or a year you are going to purchase a range of apparel, let us help you put all of it together and you will definitely save money running it all in one production run.

Embroidery Colours
Up to 4 colours the amount of colours in an embroidery really doesn't make a lot of difference in the cost of running the embroidery. If you want more than 4 colours in your embroidery, the costing will be higher.

Embroidery Sizing
Our standard embroidered uniform, workwear & safety wear quotes which include an embroidered logo, include a standard company logo in the costing approximately 8cm x 6cm. Large embroideries take longer to run and cost more. If you are happy with a small & simple embroidery on your order, let us know and there is every chance we can save you money on your uniform order by recosting it to reflect the smaller, simpler logo.

Screen Printing

Print Colours
The short answer to how to save money with screen printing is use less colours. Screen print set up costs are a necessary part of screen printing and you can get your message across just as well with 1 colour rather than 3 colours. If you have a multi colour logo, our graphics team can very easily help you develop a 1 colour version of you logo.

Print Sizing
Each size of a screen print is a different set up and print run which means more expense. If you do want to screen print a message which on workwear, safety wear and uniforms is usually a back print with the company logo, phone number & website address, the best way to approach it is to choose one print size which fits the smallest size garment you are ordering and then use that same size print for the full order.


The name brands cost more. If you are on a budget for your uniforms workwear and safety wear, take a look at the Sportage range above under Polo Shirt ranges. This ranges quality is as good as the name brands but overall more cost effective.