About Embroidery


One thing that makes 24 Hour Uniforms unique is our in house commercial production capabilities. Running our own production lines for embroidery and screen printing exclusively dedicated to your orders gives us the freedom and resources to commit to tight deadlines and offer guaranteed reliability.

Introduced to our production capabilities in 1995 to fulfill our growing demand for embroidered uniform, polo shirt, jacket, baseball cap & bag orders & to compliment our successful t-shirt screen printing business, 24 Hour T-shirts, embroidery now represents our most significant production capabilities. At 24 Hour Uniforms, we run 2 x 20 head and 2 x 12 head fully computerized commercial embroidery production machines. We have industry leading digitizing software which we use to convert your business logo to a computer file, which then runs the embroidery machine in production.

Embroidery Artwork Requirements

All logos must be digitized to run the embroidery machines. On staff we have experienced embroidery digitizers who import our customer’s logos into our specialized embroidery digitizing software and hand trace the logos on computer screen. The end result is a computer file which tells the embroidery machine what shapes, thread colours, stitch types & stitch sequence to embroider the logo.

The artwork we need from you is quite easy. We can use almost any form of a soft or hard copy of your logo. The file formats we can use include but are not limited to are jpeg, gif, tiff, eps, Word, Powerpoint, psd. We can also use a letterhead, existing embroidery, brochure, anything large enough for us to scan in at a reasonable size.

How Embroidery Works

Imagine a sewing machine much like the Singer sewing machine your mum, wife or girlfriend might use, or maybe even you do, not that there is anything wrong with that, and that sewing machine has up to 9 sewing heads threaded up with 9 different colours you can stitch with. Then imagine 20 of that same sewing machine joined together in a line. That gives you a rough idea of how a 20 head commercial embroidery machine is configured.

When we run an embroidery order on your workwear, safety wear, business shirt or uniform, polo shirt, jacket or baseball cap order, we frame up 20 garments, 1 under each sewing head and all garments are stitched with exactly the same logo at approximately 6-700 stitches per minute. Once those 20 garments have been completed, another 20 are framed up onto the machine ans embroidered until the order is complete.